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The DW9784 is a general purpose OIS+OLAF controller and driver IC for the camera module. This is a small single chip IC made up of the control block built in DSP, and the driver block built in hall signal processing circuit and VCM driver.

For more detailed description of the device, please download a product brief.


  • Digital signal processing LSI
    • On-chip 32-bit DSP
    • Built-in digital servo circuit
    • Built-in gyro filter
    • Built-in acceleration filter
  • Memory
    • 52KB embedded flash
    • 24KB embedded SRAM (20KB x1, 4KB x1)
  • Hall signal processing circuit
    • Hall bias current sinker DAC (2-ch, 8-bit)
    • Hall offset calibration DAC (2-ch, 7-bit)
    • Hall amplifier (Gain: x4, x8, x16, x24, x32, x40, x48, x56, x64, x80, x96, x112)
    • Hall ADC (2-ch, 12-bit)
  • Motor Driver
    • Constant linear driver for OIS (IOIS=200mA, 2-ch, 11-bit)
    • Constant linear driver for bidirectional open-loop AF (IAF=130mA, 1-ch, 11-bit)

Block Diagram

DW9784 - HMI Main Photo

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