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Announcement: Introducing HL8545/G: Quad-Channel 50 mΩ High-Side Switch for Advanced Automotive Applications


The HL5095 is a slew-rate controlled, low Rds(on) over-voltage protection device. It is used in between a power source and a load to protect and isolate power source against unwanted abnormal voltage and current condition. Especially, in the OTG mode of smartphones, the HL5095 could be placed between OTG boost regulator and USB port. The HL5095 can protect boost regulator from over-voltage or over-current USB conditions in smartphones.

In order to be used at high voltage application (9V or above), the HL5095A and the HL5095B apply a high-voltage device power FET switch with a maximum input voltage of 13.5V. Its over-voltage protection level is set to 14.2V in HL5095A version, 10.4V in HL5095B, and 5.8V in HL5095C.

To prevent excessive input voltage or battery droop resulting from a large inrush current, the HL5095 also implements several protection functions, such as output over-voltage and input under-voltage protections, over-current protection with FLTB flag, and over-temperature protection.

For more detailed description of the device, please download a product brief.


  • Input voltage range:
    • HL5095A: 2.5-13.5V
    • HL5095B: 2.5-10V
    • HL5095C: 2.5-5.5V
  • 28V Absolute maximum voltage rating of VOUT
  • Adjustable current limit with external resistor
  • Integrated power FET switch with 53mΩ Rds(on) @ 5V/1A
  • Built-in soft start to prevent inrush current
  • Protections
    • Over-temperature protection (OTP)
    • Over-voltage protection (OVP):
      • HL5095A: 14.2V
      • HL5095B: 10.4V
      • HL5095C: 5.8V
    • Over-current protection
    • Reverse current protection
  • Compliance to IEC61000-4-2 on VOUT
    • Contact discharge: ±8kV
    • Air gap discharge: ±15kV
  • Package:
    • HL5095A, HL5095B, HL5095C: 9-bump WLCSP, 0.4mm pitch,1.23mm x 1.23mm

Block Diagram

HL5095 - HMI Main Photo

For more information or a full datasheet request, please contact the factory at

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