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Announcement: Introducing HL8545/G: Quad-Channel 50 mΩ High-Side Switch for Advanced Automotive Applications

HMI’s dedication to quality

HMI’s dedication to quality and excellence is deeply engrained in our corporate philosophy. We have integrated robust quality frameworks that ensure the reliability, safety, and efficiency of each solution we offer.

Furthermore, we continually enhance both our products and processes to guarantee they meet the utmost standards. Our utilization of advanced research, development initiatives, and diverse methodologies, empowers us to achieve a continuous evolution of processes. Our products strictly adhere to JEDEC or AEC-Q100 quality and reliability criteria, further emphasizing our pledge to provide best-in-class, unparallel analog IC and power management IC solutions to our valued customers worldwide.

We’ve also established a comprehensive system for quality assurance, meticulously aligned with the industry’s most stringent principles. As a result, we’ve acquired the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification, a testament to our resolute commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality.