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Announcement: Introducing HL8545/G: Quad-Channel 50 mΩ High-Side Switch for Advanced Automotive Applications


The HL5099 provides a dualchannel VBUS power switch and 3.3V low dropout (LDO) for USB power delivery (PD) applications. The device includes a bidirectional highvoltage switch that can support up to 22V sink and 6V source voltage, a VOTG switch supporting up to 13.2V source voltage, and a 100mA 3.3V LDO providing power supply to the PD controller in a dead battery operation.

Additionally, between the VBUS and VCHG, the back-to-back high-voltage switch (HVSW) is implemented, and its absolute maximum rating (AMR) is at 28V for both pins. The integrated power switch can also be configured as a bi-directional switch with an appropriate I2C control or enable pins. In the sink mode, the allowable current is continuous 5A, while in the source mode, the switch current flows from VCHG to VBUS, and maximum allowable current is 3A. From VOTG to VBUS (VOTG mode), there is a back-to-back power switch, which AMR is 16V on VOTG. This switch is to source power from VOTG to VBUS up to 13.2V and 3A continuous current. This power switch has an ideal diode feature and supports fast role swap for USB PD3.0 application.

For more detailed description of the device, please download a product brief.



  • USB type-C VBUS sink/source combo switch with protection
  • VSYS input voltage range: 2.6-5.5V
  • AMR of VBUS/VCHG: 28V
  • AMR of VOTG: 16V
  • Low Rds(on) N-MOS back-to-back switch
    • VBUS to VCHG: 21mΩ
    • VOTG to VBUS: 29mΩ
  • Highly reliable VBUS pin protections
    • IEC61000-4-2 (ESD) contact: ±8kV
    • IEC61000-4-2 (ESD) air: ±15kV
    • IEC61000-4-5 (Surge): ±100V
  • High-voltage switch operations
    • Up to 22V sink voltage from VBUS to VCHG
    • Up to 6V source voltage from VCHG to VBUS
    • Up to 13.2V source voltage from VOTG to VBUS
  • High-current switch current operations
    • Maximum VBUS to VCHG current
    • SINK mode: 5A, 10A/100µs peak current
    • Maximum VCHG to VBUS current
    • SOURCE mode: 3A
    • Maximum VOTG to VBUS current
    • VOTG mode: 3A

Block Diagram

HL5099 - HMI Main Photo

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