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Announcement: Introducing HL7137: High-Efficiency, Low Voltage, Fast Charging IC for Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Batteries


The HL8021 is a high-performance boost controller that drives an N-channel MOSFET synchronous boost power stage, operating from a wide input supply range from 4.5V to 40V. When the controller is biased from the output voltage, the controller can operate from an input supply as low as 1V after startup.

The switching frequency can be programmed by a resistor on FREQ pin. A constant frequency current control architecture allows device to synchronize to an external clock on SYNC/SPS pin.

To optimize light load efficiency, the device provides three light load operation modes–burst mode, pulse skipping mode, and continuous inductor current mode. These modes are controlled by MODE pin.

The HL8021 features spread spectrum operation to reduce the peaks of the radiated and conducted EMI noise and make it easier for system to comply with EMI standards.  This operation mode can be enabled by SYNC/SPS pin tied to VCC.

A separate supply pin SUP is available to power the internal LDO that supplies to VCC. This feature provides one more option to reduce power loss and improve overall efficiency.

For more detailed description of the device, please download a product brief.


  • Synchronous boost operation with high efficiency
  • Wide supply voltage ranges from 4.5V to 40V
  • Output voltage up to 40V
  • Low operating IQ with 14µA
  • Low shutdown IQ with 1.2µA
  • 100% Duty cycle pass through mode for synchronous MOSFET
  • Programmable switching frequency from 100kHz to 3MHz
  • Sync to external clock from 100kHz to 3MHz
  • Spread spectrum for low EMI
  • Selectable continuous inductor current, burst or pulse skipping mode at light loads
  • Thermally enhanced 16-pin 3mm x 3mm QFN
  • AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualified

Block Diagram

HL8021 - HMI Main Photo

For more information or a full datasheet request, please contact the factory at

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