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Announcement: Check out our latest video on the HL5301, the industry's smallest SIM card level translator.

HMI’s linear chargers feature a small size, simple to use, and fully programmable ICs to charge batteries. The linear charger ICs are great for noise-sensitive and space-limited applications. They provide all necessary functions to charge a battery in terms of two CCs (pre-charge and fast charge), CV, termination, auto-recharge, dual inputs (USB and wireless), and battery protection.

Linear Chargers

Part NumberCells (#)VIN Min (V)VIN Max (V)Charge Current Max (A)Battery Charge Voltage Min (V)Battery Charge Voltage Max (V)Absolute VIN Max (V)Regulation Voltage Step (mV)Power Path SupportOVPIOUT Max (A)InterfaceTopologyCell ChemistryKey FeaturesPackage
HL7040C14.456.4514.24.430-No6.61.25-LinearLi-Ion, Li-PolymerSelectable 100mA/500mA Input Current Limit, Operation over JEITA RangeDFN-10
HL704614.355., Li-Polymer500mA, Single Cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Battery Charger with Power PathWLCSP-9