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Announcement: Introducing HL8545/G: Quad-Channel 50 mΩ High-Side Switch for Advanced Automotive Applications

Optical Image Stabilization

Part NumberTypeMemoryDriverVDDIO 1.2VInterfacePackage
DW9784Folded & C-Zoom eFlash: 52KB SRAM: 20KBConstant Linear Driver for OIS (IOIS=200mA, 2-Ch, 11-bit), Constant Linear Driver for Bi-Directional Opened-Loop AF (IAF=130mA, 1-Ch, 11-Bit) N/A I2C/SPI WLCSP-27
DW9786Folded & C-Zoom eFlash: 64KB SRAM: 40KBOIS: Current type linear driver 2-Ch Imax. = 200mA, AF: Current type linear driver 1-Ch Imax. = 200mA N/A I2C/SPI WLCSP-44
DW9787SMAeFlash: 64KB SRAM: 32KB (Program)ADC: 12-Bit for resistance and temperature sensing, DAC: 8-Bit for offset adjusting of OpAmpN/A I2C/SPI WLCSP-24
DW9828CeOIS 32 Byte EEPROM H-Bridge Driver, VCM Driver (Imax.=170mA, 13-bit) Yes I2C WLCSP-6
DW9828NeOIS 32 Byte EEPROM H-Bridge Driver, VCM Driver (Imax.=170mA, 13-bit)Yes I2C WLCSP-6