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Announcement: Check out our latest video on the HL5301, the industry's smallest SIM card level translator.

HMI’s buck regulators provide up to 90% efficiency and a wide range of output capacitors to optimize VOUT stability during load transients.

Buck Converters

Part NumberVIN Min (V)VIN Max (V)VOUT Min (V)VOUT Max (V)IOUT Max (A)InterfaceTopologyKey FeaturesPackage
HL75012. with Programmable Voltage Slew Rate WLCSP-20
HL75042. Over-Voltage Lockout , Active Discharge When Disabled DFN-6
HL75072. Load and Line Transient DFN-6
HL75432.35.50.663.40.6GPIOBuckUltra Low Iq, VOUT Selection Through GPIO WLCSP-8
HL75462. Synchronous Step-Down Converter WLCSP-8
HL75932. with Programmable Voltage Slew Rate WLCSP-15
HL75942. Programmable 3A DVS Buck ConverterWLCSP-15