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Announcement: Introducing HL8545/G: Quad-Channel 50 mΩ High-Side Switch for Advanced Automotive Applications


The HL5097 is a high-performance USB Type-C connector protection IC including two channels for CC or SBU interface. Two input pins (IN_SIG1 and IN_SIG2) of HL5097 facing USB connector have 28V maximum voltage rating to be protected from overvoltage by shorting these signals with VBUS voltage up to 20V. 

Downstream system can be protected safely from overvoltage condition, ESD and surge by using HL5097 OVP switch. IN_SIG1 and IN_SIG2 OVP thresholds are pre-fixed to 5.8V for HL5097WL01 and 4.8V for HL5097WL02.  

For more detailed description of the device, please download a product brief.



  • USB type-C connector protection for dual channel signal path: CC or SBU
  • VSYS voltage range: 2.5V to 5.5V
  • Absolute maximum voltage rating of IN_SIG: 28V
  • Low Rds(on) N-MOS switch: 160mΩ
  • Compliance to IEC61000-4-2 for IN_SIG:
    • Contact discharge: ±8kV
    • Air discharge: ±15kV
  • Surge protection for IN_SIG: ±40kV
  • Fixed over-voltage threshold level by option:
    • 5.8V (CC option, HL5097WL01)
    • 4.8V (SBU option, HL5097WL02)
  • Built-in dead battery Rds(on) IN_SIG for VBUS power supply (HL5097WL01)
  • Ultra-fast OVP protection response time: 30nsec
  • Low quiescent current: 25µA (Typ.)
  • Operating temperature range: −40°C ~ 85°C
  • 6–Bump WLCSP, 1.25mm x 0.93mm, 0.4mm pitch

Block Diagram

HL5097 - HMI Main Photo

For more information or a full datasheet request, please contact the factory at

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