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HMI Introduces High-Efficiency, Low Voltage, Fast Charging IC for Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Batteries

CAMPBELL, Calif., June 18, 2024 – HMI, a leading provider of advanced analog and power management technologies, today announced the launch of its HL7137, a cutting-edge dual-phase 7.5A, 34W direct charger IC with 2:1 CP (charge pump) designed specifically for Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries used in smartphones, tablet computing, and mobile IoT devices.

The HL7137 integrates advanced technology, featuring a dual-phase switched capacitive converter alongside a reverse blocking MOSFET (QRB FET), ensuring optimal performance. Notably, the device achieves an outstanding efficiency rating of 97.11% at 4.5V output and 5A current, utilizing a flying capacitor configuration with 1×22µF per phase at a frequency of fSW=1.1MHz.

One of the key features of the HL7137 is its OVP (over-voltage protection), with external FET to reduce the BOM (bill of materials) in various applications. Its 2:1 CP mode enables the adjustment of output voltage (VOUT) relative to half of the input voltage (VIN), with the added benefit of doubling the output current compared to the input current.

As safety is vital in charging operations, the HL7137 provides CC (constant current) and (CV) constant voltage regulations through the QRB FET. This directive is monitored through a closed-loop system, utilizing input or battery-current sensing for CC regulation and battery-voltage sensing for CV regulation. Additionally, the IC also supports a thermal regulation loop in case the CC/CV loop causes the device to overheat during the regulation operating in 2:1 CP mode.

The HL7137 boasts a comprehensive array of protections, including OTP (over-temperature protection), VIN UVP (under-voltage protection), OVP (over-voltage protection), IIN OCP (over-current protection), UCP (under-current protection), QRB RCP (reverse-current protection), PMID to VOUT OV and UV tracking, SCP (short-circuit protection), Watchdog Timer, and many more. Furthermore, its advanced features include a 12-bit ADC, providing vital information such as VIN, IIN, VOUT, VBAT, IBAT, VTS, and TDIE to optimize charging control.

“With the launch of HL7137, HMI reaffirms its commitment to delivering leading-edge solutions that prioritize efficiency, safety, and performance in battery charging,” stated Mason Choi, VP/GM of Mobile Audio Solutions BU at HMI.


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