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HMI Introduces the Industry’s Smallest Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Card Level Translator

CAMPBELL, Calif., April 4, 2024 – HMI, a leading provider of advanced analog and power management technologies, today announced the launch of its HL5301WL01, a SIM card level translator with level shifting and IEC610004-2 electrostatic charge protection for SIM card ports.

The HL5301WL01 integrates two unidirectional level shifters for the RST and CLK signals, a bidirectional level shifter for I/O, and ±8 kV electrostatic discharges (ESD) protection on all SIM card contacts.

The HL5301WL01 device boasts several key features tailored for optimal performance and efficiency. With an impressively low quiescent current of only 0.3 μA, power consumption is minimized, extending battery life for prolonged operation. Furthermore, the advanced one-shot circuit enhances the rising time on I/O channels, ensuring swift and precise data transmission.

Integrated pull-up resistors in I/O channels and pull-down resistors on the SIM card side streamline connectivity, while built-in series resistance in SIM side pins provides essential short protection and diminishes electromagnetic interference (EMI) for enhanced reliability.

Operating at clock speeds of up to 10 MHz, the HL5301WL01 device offers swift data processing capabilities. Additionally, adhering to ISO-7816-3 standards, our device incorporates a shutdown feature for SIM card signals, ensuring compliance and optimized functionality.

Available in a WLCSP-9, 0.35 mm pitch, 1.12 mm x 1.12 mm, it’s the industry’s smallest SIM card level translator perfect for mobile applications, such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and wireless modems.

“As a reference design for leading OEM mobile manufacturers, the HL5301WL01 effectively meets their rigorous standards, addressing their critical requirement with superiority,” stated Mason Choi, VP/GM of Mobile Audio Solutions BU at HMI.


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