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Announcement: HMI appreciates everyone who stopped by our booth at APEC 2024. We look forward to connecting again soon!

HMI’s integrated high-voltage load switches with output over-voltage protection, input under-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, and short/over/reverse-current protections are ideal for mobile and portable applications.

USB Port Protections and Load Switches

Part NumberVIN Min (V)VIN Max (V)VOUT Min (V)VOUT Max (V)Continuous Current Max (A)Switches (#)InterfaceKey FeaturesPackage
HL50752.513.5-0.3283-I2COVP, OCP, RCP WLCSP-9
HL50952.513.5-0.32831I2COVP, OCP, RCP WLCSP-9
HL5095K2.513.5-0.32831I2COVP, OCP, RCP WLCSP-9
HL509705.5-0.328-2I2COVP, Dead Battery Rd, IEC ESD, Surge Protection WLCSP-6
HL50992.822-0.328103I2COVP, OCP, RCP, SCP, FRS WLCSP-42
HL82610IN_CC1/2: 5.5, IN_SBU1/2: 4.3--IN_CC1/2: +/-1.25, IN_SBU1/2: +/-0.14I2COVP, ESD & Surge Protections WLCSP-16