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The HL7132D is the low voltage fast direct charger for 1 cell Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries. The device integrates a dual phase switched capacitive converter, a reverse blocking MOSFET (QRB FET) and shows 97.37% efficiency at 4.5V output and 4A current with flying capacitor,1×22µF, per phase at fSW=1.1MHz.

The device features two different switching modes, 2:1 and 1:2 CP mode. The 2:1 CP mode allows the output voltage, VOUT, to be around half of the input voltage, VIN, and the output current to be double of the input current. In 1:2 CP mode, a voltage at VIN will be double of VOUT voltage.

The HL7132D provides CC (Constant Current) and CV (Constant Voltage) regulation through controlling the QRB FET for a safe charging operation in 2:1 CP mode. CC regulation is controlled through a close loop of the input current sensing or battery current sensing and CV regulation is controlled through a close loop of the battery voltage sensing. In addition, HL7132D also supports thermal regulation loop in case CV/CC loop causing device over-heat during regulation operating in 2:1 CP mode.

For more detailed description of the device, please download a product brief.



  • 20V AMR on VIN pin
  • 5.5V to 11.7V Operational VIN voltage
  • 5.5V Max operational output voltage
  • Dual phase switched capacitor architecture
    • Optimized for 50% duty for both 2:1 and 1:2 mode
  • 2:1 Charge pump mode (CP mode)
    • Continuous 6A output
  • 1:2 Reverse charge pump mode (CP mode)
    • Continuous 1.5A output
  • Regulation loop for charging operation through QRB FET control in 2:1 CP Mode
    • Input current regulation (IIN_REG)
    • Battery voltage regulation (VVBAT_REG)
    • Battery current regulation (IBAT_REG)
    • Thermal regulation (TDIE_REG)
  • 97.37% Efficiency for VOUT=4.5V_5A with 1×22µF per phase at fSW = 1.1MHz
  • Selectable switching frequency from 500kHz to 1.6MHz

Block Diagram

HL7132D - HMI Main Photo

For more information or a full datasheet request, please contact the factory at

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