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Announcement: Introducing HL8545/G: Quad-Channel 50 mΩ High-Side Switch for Advanced Automotive Applications

HMI Introduces Quad-Channel 50 mΩ High-Side Switch for Advanced Automotive Applications

CAMPBELL, Calif., July 9, 2024 – HMI, a leading provider of advanced analog and power management technologies, today announced the launch of its HL8545 and HL8545G, advanced quad-channel, high-side switches designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s automotive systems.

The HL8545/8545G are a versatile quad-channel, high-side power switches with an integrated NMOS power FET and charge pump. Both versions are equipped with advanced protective features, including load current limitation, open or short-load power limitation during overload, and over-temperature shutdown with configurable latch-off or auto-retry. These high-accuracy current sensing capabilities and full diagnostics enable intelligent load control. The HL8545 requires an external ground diode for reverse battery conditions to prevent reverse current from ground to battery, while the HL8545G does not.

The devices feature active drain and source voltage clamps, which help manage the energy in inductive loads like relays, solenoids, pumps, and motors during the switching-off cycle. The energy from both the power supply (EBAT) and the load (ELOAD) is dissipated directly on the high-side power switch, often eliminating the need for additional external circuitry. This efficient power dissipation allows for broader application across various loads.

Meeting the rigorous AEC-Q100 automotive-grade 1 standard, the HL8545/8545G performs reliably in extreme temperatures from -40°C to 125°C, with an operating junction temperature ranging from -40°C to 150°C. The devices feature 3.3V and 5V compatible control logic, making them adaptable to various automotive control systems. Robust protection mechanisms include overload and short-circuit protection, inductive load negative voltage clamp, under-voltage lockout protection, thermal shutdown/swing protection, and pin-configurable latch-off or auto-retry mode on over-temperature events. They are available in a 16-pin DFN package, ensuring compatibility with a variety of systems.

“The HL8545/8545G series exemplifies our commitment to innovation and reliability in automotive electronics,” stated Mason Choi, VP/GM. “With their advanced diagnostics, efficient operation, and robust protection features, these power switches set a new standard for intelligent load control in the automotive industry.”


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